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2018 International Summer Seminar for Young Academics (ISA)

Flyer 2018

George Sherratt                University of Lincoln
Karolína Ludvová              University of Pardubice
Andrea Šafran                   Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb
Lisa Ocello                         Technische Hochschule Köln
Justyna Sasiadek              The Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow

The ISA programme 2018 was divided into two projects and had a duration of 8 weeks.

Project Orlamünde 06/08/18 – 12/09/18
The students assisted in the conservation and restoration of historic gravestones at the graveyard of St. Marien church in Orlamünde.

     •  recording and assessing the condition of the objects
     •  description of gravestones
     •  recording of inscriptions
     •  record photography
     •  damage pattern assessment (working with a damage pattern glossary)
     •  mapping of damage patterns on site
     •  consolidation of fragile stone surfaces
     •  consolidation of paint residues
     •  wet cleaning of stone surfaces
     •  steam cleaning
     •  micro/sand blasting
     •  reduction and neutralization of salts
     •  bonding and reinforcement with dowels
     •  fillings and partial reconstruction with mortar
     •  retouching
     •  installation and mounting of the gravestones in the lapidarium
     •  designing information boards
     •  excavating parts of gravestones

Project Leuben 12/09/18 – 28/09/18
The student assisted in the conservation and restoration of the interior design features of the baroque castle in Leuben.

     •  exposure of baroque room decorations (wall paintings)
     •  cleaning of surfaces
     •  consolidation of plaster and paint layers
     •  fillings, grouting, bonding of surfaces and cracks
     •  retouching
     •  workshops on the different techniques for the conservation and preservation of plaster
     •  seminar on conservation of paintlayers and cleaning methods



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