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2017 International Summer Seminar for Young Academics (ISA)

Flyer 2017

Nathaniel Bügg                 University of Lincoln
Rebecca Marrows              University of Lincoln
Anna Ferdus                      University of Pardubice
Katerina Šibravová            University of Pardubice

The ISA programme 2018 was divided into three projects and had a duration of 9 weeks.

Project Orlamünde 19/06/17 – 30/07/17
The student assisted in the recording and assessment and the development of a conservation concept for historic
gravestones at the graveyard of St. Marien church in Orlamünde.

  • recording and assessing the condition of the objects
  • verbal and written description of gravestone
  • measurements
  • historical background
  • record photography
  • salt analysis
  • grain analysis of stone material
  • written condition report of each stone
  • damage pattern assessment, categorising the different damage patterns in a glossary using a special software (Filemaker)
  • mapping the damage patterns on site and digital using a special software (AutoCAD)
  • determination of damage causes
  • emergency conservation treatments on the objects
  • consolidation of fragile stone surfaces
  • cleaning
  • applying facings
  • bonding

Project Stolberg 31/07/17 – 08/08/17
Working on a stucco ceiling in the castle of Stolberg

  • cleaning
  • filling cracks with gypsum mortar
  • bonding
  • reattaching loose stucco pieces

Project Talheim 09/08/17 – 18/08/17
Transferring a wallpainting from Talheim to a new support in the conservation workshop
      •  flattening pieces of wallpainting
      •  trasferring and fitting position of detached pieces
      •  binding of detached pieces in the correct position
      •  reducing mortar on backside of wallpainting pieces with heavy tools (grinder)



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